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Coffee with Liz • March 29, 2019

Big fan here and I can relate a lot to you being similar in age with a toddler and infant. This is one reason why I am inspired by your fashion choices because I feel they are very age-appropriate for me too! That being said, my brother is getting married this June on a campground in Lake George, NY. It’s not super fancy but I do want to wear a nice dress. Do you have any suggestions for a rustic outdoor wedding? 

So sweet! Thank you so much! I love something like this!

How do you and Dave manage your finances?

True story: when Dave and I joined accounts (before we were married) I had $26.17 in my account. Not because I was bad with money but because everything I make pretty much lives in my business. Haha, I remember him being like wow, come on over, great contribution to our future! And I on the other hand was thinking whoooaaa baby I’ve got a sugar daddy! Only because Dave has saved his money his entire life and I on the other hand…hehe. 

Dave is honestly the budgeteer of the family. He has a spread sheet where he enters what we owe every month (insurance, cell phones, mortgage, childcare, etc) and at the end of every month we discuss where we went over and where we need to be better (usually our credit cards). As a business owner, I only ever paid myself when it was time to pay rent, credit cards, etc. because my business pays for our health insurance, cell phones and so on. I left all of my money in my business account. Now that we have a family we put way more money into savings, we have a few small investments and accounts for the boys’ futures. Dave has made me much more aware of what we are spending every month and way more cautious of what goes out. I used to do all of my accounting myself and then had an accountant help me with taxes but last year we hired an accountant to handle our entire finances and my business checkbook. It has helped me to see what expenses are necessary and what are a waste. Overall I’m just way more conscious of our finances since having a family. I think my biggest piece of advice would be to stay organized, keep very open communication with your spouse (I used to hide everything from Dave – eek) and think about the bigger picture!

My boss recently told us she wanted us to dress more fashionable in the office. We are a boutique event planning firm on an east coast island, so the style is not as professional as a normal office job. It is more boho with a pastel color palette and a little bit of prep. Looking for affordable recommendations!

This top would be pretty with high waisted pants or jeans. You can’t go wrong with a cute wrap dress. I love this stripe skirt paired with a bodysuit. I have and love these floral pants – also cute with a bodysuit and denim jacket.  

My brother is having his wedding in Austin, Texas, this May and I am the only bridesmaid. I don’t have any restrictions or requirements on what my dress needs to be, but it’s going to be in a barn and most likely hot. Any suggestions? My budget is pretty open. I also have a really small bust so nothing with too much cleavage. 🙂 

I kind of obsessed with this combo right now. Also love this and this!

I have a few weddings coming up this year (different friend groups) and would love to invest in a couple of high-quality dresses I can repurpose. For example, I bought a black long-sleeved Rebecca Taylor dress your recommended last year and love it.

I know exactly what dress you’re talking about!! This year I’m loving this, this, this and this!

What do you and Dave fight about?

A lot of things! Money/savings, parenting and disciplining our kids, double standards for each other – the list goes on. Our communication has become so much stronger since having kids because our decisions no longer only affect us. We also have to be very strategic when we fight (ha) because we have little eyes and ears watching us at all times. Dave and I fight very differently. If I’m annoyed I get very silent and try to reason with myself why I feel a certain way about something. Dave wants to talk about everything and understand WHY I feel a certain way even if I have zero explanation (I’m just a girl!). It drives him nuts and he can let things/situations build up and then one small thing will push him over the edge. I get annoyed easily and address it and then let is pass. The joys of relationships! 

We are the same weight/height and sizes in Lululemon pants. I was wondering if you get your leggings from Lulu and Alo hemmed? Thanks!

No I don’t!

I live in south/central Texas where it’s warm 8 months out of the year. I need to add more staples to my wardrobe. What are your go-to staples when it comes to spring/summer?

First off, let it be known that I want my entire summer wardrobe to be from Tuckernuck. A chic jumpsuit, classic button up dress, denim jacket and cute espadrilles!

I’ve always loved the look of a motorcycle jacket over a dress, and think this is the year I’m finally going to go for it. My problem is that I don’t think I can pull off a full-blown motorcycle jacket, and would prefer something a little less bulky and busy. Bonus points if it’s not leather and less than $200. I’d love your thoughts on where to find this unicorn of a jacket as I’ve been striking out on my search.

I love this style from Blank NYC and this style from Topshop!

Can you share your favorite baby/toddler books? 

Charlie’s favorites: Little Blue Truck series, Pete the Cat books, Gaston (the sweetest message), all Little Critter and Richard Scarry books! Jack loves these little finger puppet books, this little counting book (he says “hoo hoo hoo” the entire time we read it) and these first 100 books!

Any ideas for a religious gift for a 16-year-old boy? Or a generally nice gift and something small that is religious? I am the confirmation sponsor for my little cousin and I’m trying to come up with a gift him for that he won’t think is completely lame. 🙂 Thank you!

I remember when my brother was younger and going through Confirmation my parents got him a Timex watch (classic but age appropriate) and a rosary to keep in his nightstand. 

What shoes do you recommend during this early spring transition period? I walk outside downtown for work every day in between locations (more than just a commute from the L), but I’m getting tired of boots. What do you recommend that’s cute, comfy but also will keep my feet from freezing?!

Socks and sneakers!! I love these, these and these

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