Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Shopping for Fall with Trunk Club

You all know I love Trunk Club! It is my favorite place to get re-inspired with my wardrobe. Social media can sometimes make it seem like everyone is wearing the same thing (do you agree?) which is why I appreciate an outside opinion. Especially when it comes to new outfits for my favorite season: Fall!!

I recently stopped by the Trunk Club Chicago Clubhouse for a fall styling session and my stylist pulled so many fun pieces for me to try! If you’re not familiar with the process, you sign up for Trunk Club and you’ll take a style quiz that helps your stylist pinpoint your personal style and what you’re looking for. You’ll then chat with your stylist about your specific needs and either book an in person styling session (if you live near a Clubhouse!) or order a trunk! I personally love both services and although I do live near a Clubhouse, the Trunk is so convenient as it comes direct to your house. With a Trunk, your stylist sends you a preview of everything they have picked/plan to ship and you can check that you like it/it isn’t similar to something you already have or whatever! You only pay for the things you keep and ship back the rest – free shipping! 

I have been working with Trunk Club for 3+ years and my stylist and I are basically besties at this point. I love that they really get to know you, your wardrobe and what you need. I feel like I tend to either make impulse purchases that I don’t get much wear out of or buy all the wrong things. It’s nice to have an opinion outside of your own (or your husband’s, ha). 

When it comes to dressing for fall there are two types of outfits I look for: jeans and a sweater, blouse or blazer and then a dress option. Because Trunk Club is a Nordstrom Company you know that you’ll be able to look at items at all different price points. An in-person session is fun because it is like shopping with a friend – your stylist will always give you an honest opinion (I’ve never felt pressure to buy). A Trunk is amazing because you can try on new clothes in the comfort of your own home and only keep what you love!

If you’ve been in a rut with your style or simply need a refresh, I can’t recommend Trunk Club enough. There is a reason I partner with them again and again. It’s a service that I genuinely benefit from and I think you will too! Sign up here 🙂

In collaboration with Trunk Club