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Coffee with Liz • August 24, 2018

Coffee with Liz Q&A series

I recently got a new job where I have two offices that I have to move between and I’m carrying a laptop and other things. I have a tote but I am looking for something with better organization and structure. Do you have any suggestions for good work bags? 

I love the Lo and Sons Seville tote! It is perfect for busy working women!

We are expecting baby #2 in Sept and I’d like to get ahead on a dress for newborn pictures, which will be taken at end of Sept. I’d like to wear white and something still summery (we live in Atlanta, it will still be very hot!). I like classic and feminine looks and would like to spend under $100 (would go up to $125/150 if amazing!) and it needs to be forgiving since I’ll be post-partum. 

This lace trim midi dress is under %50, this little crochet mini dress looks WAY more expensive than it is, I swear this is the most universally flattering dress or this cute A-Line style

Do you have any recommendations for where I can find baby boy dress clothes? My sister in law is getting married in September and while my 1-year-old son isn’t officially in the wedding, I would love to find a cute suit or pant/vest outfit for him for pictures! Love the blog and how real you are with life and motherhood. You have been so encouraging on more than one occasion. Thank so much!  

When Charlie was in my sister’s wedding we pieced it together from all over the place! The Beaufort Bonnet Company has the cutest dress clothes for baby boys. 

I have a fun fashion problem. I’ve been traveling the world for a year as a backpacker and the last month of our trip takes us to Europe where we have two weddings. Both weddings are in September, one in the south of France and one in Tarragona, Spain. I literally have nothing to wear to them, but I will be in Paris a week before the first one to do some shopping! I was wondering if you could recommend any brick-and-mortar stores that you can trust to have good wedding guest dress options? I only have one day to shop so I’m hoping to narrow it down to a handful of stores. I’m planning to splurge on shoes (which I’ve already picked out), so I’m hoping to keep the dress around $200ish. Any tips?

Um I’m jealous of your life! So I have no idea what stores are actually in Paris but I always count on Zara to have dresses for all occasions. I don’t think you have to go over-the-top fancy and I love that Zara’s selection is simple and feminine. I am going to order these booties because I love the lighter color and perfect ankle length!

What are your favorite boots you have seen for fall?

Guyssss, I want all of the fall things. I always love Dolce Vita’s fall boots and these are a favorite (the western trend is big for fall!). These booties are a great price and the color is perfect to wear with both brown and black. *PS: ALL OF THESE BOOTS ARE 20% OFF with ANTHRODAY! I also love the shape of these black booties, this is a great style under $100, these are a bit of a splurge but so pretty (look for a little less here), I love this more casual style and I’m thinking of snagging these leopard booties!

Can you talk about your Brazilian blowout? Do you like it? How was the process? Worth the money?

So I kind of got it on a whim after my crinkly post baby hair was driving me NUTS. The process was so easy (and interesting!). I liked the idea of the Brazilian blowout vs. Keratin treatment because it is a much healthier alternative. Do I think it worked? Yes. Did I have higher expectations? Yes. Honestly, I have the thickest hair – it is obnoxious. I don’t know if any treatment can really help relax my hair. I do notice that my hair dries quicker and when it is dry it isn’t as frizzy. I think I was expecting it to have a larger effect on the weight of my hair/soften the texture more. Overall I think it has helped but I don’t know how often I’ll pay the $300 to get it done. If you have less weight to your hair then I would definitely go for it! 

Did you sleep train Charlie and Jack? If so, what method did you use and at what age? Cry it out? Did you also sleep train for naps? My son is 4 months old and I’m desperate for nighttime sleep and some hours to myself during the day. 

Yes! I would say we started with consistency in their bedtime/nap routine. For us that mean’t a dark room, sound machine, sleep sack, bottle and placed in bed sleepy but awake. I have always sworn by this awake time chart. It has helped both of my boys get into a comfortable nap time and bedtime schedule. Ultimately we did do cry it out but it didn’t last long – they both got the hang of it after 3 nights. I would talk to your pediatrician! They always comforted me to know that my baby was fed and happy during the day which meant we could cut out night feeds. I promise that one day it clicks!

My husband’s birthday is coming up and I am completely stumped for gift ideas. He doesn’t need anything clothes/shoes/travel-wise and doesn’t have any current hobbies that require “stuff”… our lives are busy right now with his work travel and our first baby on the way. Any ideas?? 

What about a weekend away before baby? Somewhere he has always wanted to go! I also love everything Tuckernuck has for guys, Dave just bought me Air Pods and these are the best cocktail glasses (which will come in handy once you become a parent #therapy).   

I have a 9mo old, our first, and we are playing the sippy cup game. Trying every type of cup imaginable to find one she likes. What worked for you? 

Ugh this is a struggle. The Nuk cups have always been our go-to for introducing cups/transitioning from the bottle. This is our go-to sippy cup and this was our go-to bottle for transitioning from an actual bottle. 

I have a little boy who will be 1 in the fall and he stays at home. When did you start having your boys in activities and how often? We have one gym class a week and will pop into tunes with Tim irregularly but wondering if developmentally he needs more regular interaction with people and kids since he’s usually home with me. I also don’t want to overschedule a baby. Wondering what you found to be a good balance. 

When we lived in the city we did My Gym once a week which was great to get some energy out and they really help them with motor skills. Charlie LOVED it. Otherwise we would just do our own activities – Tunes with Tim, trips to the zoo, the Nature Museum, park dates. He also loved the daycare at our gym! Ha. I think you are still on the early side so I wouldn’t worry about it too much! We started Charlie in day care when he was 21 months old and that is when I really noticed he was ready for more interaction. Up until then he really did enjoy having his days filled with mom time 🙂

I am obsessed with the Golden Goose sneakers but they are a little (read: A LOT!!) out of my price range. I keep seeing them everywhere so they must be worth it, otherwise, why would they be so expensive?! But I’m wondering if you can provide a few budget-friendly GG dupes or similar styles to the GG sneakers? 

Yes! Here, here and here!

As a new mom, mani/pedis are few and far between and I’m always finding myself feeling rushed when it comes to picking the right color. What are your tried and true nail polish colors?

Essie Lollipop is my favorite red, OPI Funny Bunny and Essie Ballet Slippers are my favorite soft neutrals and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark in the fall/winter. 

How did you discover the right childcare balance for your family when you had Charlie and now Charlie and Jack? 

Honestly I still don’t have a good balance. Jack will be 9 months old next week and he has been home with me full time aside from a summer babysitter for 6 hours twice a week. When we lived in the city my mom babysat Charlie on Tuesdays and we had a sitter for him on Wednesdays – otherwise I was with him. It wasn’t until we moved to the suburbs when I decided he was ready for day care and I needed him out of the house so I could actually get work done. Before having Jack I was in a really good groove with working! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your kids are out of the house. Jack will start daycare two days a week in September and I may add another day for him after he turns a year old. I really struggle with keeping up with my business but also being a mom first. It is a really important priority for me that I still maintain a couple full days a week with my kids. Should I probably add more days? Probably! Has my business slowed down since becoming a mom? Yes for sure. But this stage feels so fleeting that I’m going to let our time be whatever it needs to be. I’ve learned that our lifestyle comes before anything work related so right now it just is what it is. I’ve learned that time management is EVERYTHING when you’re a business owner and a mom. I’m excited to get back into a groove once both boys are in day care on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Charlie goes on Mondays too). 

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