Beauty over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

Treating Yourself to Some TLC

One of my favorite ways to treat myself is with a fresh manicure. True story: when I was in college, a guy I had been seeing told me that one of the things that attracted him to me was that I always had my nails painted (haha, really?). He thought it was “cute!” and a sign that I liked to take care of myself. I took it is a compliment and an extremely truthful statement. Self care is important and even the smallest things can make you feel more confident. As a mom, I usually feel like I’m the last person to find time for myself which is why I appreciate little luxuries that contribute to my overall wellness. 

essie is my favorite nail polish brand and they recently released a new line of polishes called Treat Love & Color (TLC!) focused on strengthening your nails. I love that this collection provides the essie colors that we all love while reducing 35% of breakage and 60% of peeling. Something I definitely need in these winter months! When the brand reached out to me to try their new line I was excited to say “yes!” 

The colors are amazing! I wore the prettiest pink color called minimally modest for a week and saw a genuine difference in the strength and resilience of my nails. I feel like they are constantly breaking and peeling while I chase Charlie around and the polish didn’t chip and kept my nails strong the entire week! I painted my toes in a pinky, white shade called in a blush which is more pigmented and milky. When we took these photos I decided to paint my nails this dusty blue color called indi-go for it! I have already received a bunch of compliments on this color and it’s a fun twist to my typical pink, red or dark polish. 

A few colors I recommend: minimally modest, sheers to you, tinted love, in a blush and pinked to perfection if you’re looking for some natural, soft colors. on the mauve, good lighting, can’t hardly weight, power punch pink and indi-go for it and a-game if you’re looking for something extra. 

The best part is there is no base or top coat necessary! That means a quick and efficient manicure at home without having to wait for a few layers to dry. It saves time and money which makes this mama happy! Plus, I love knowing that my nails are getting the nourishment they need from a brand that I love. 

I highly recommend trying out the new collection of Treat Love & Color by essie. Your nails will thank you 🙂

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