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My Husband is Cute

Gift ideas for your husband for Father's Day.Why Trunk Club is a great resource for men who don't like fashion.

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Trunk Club in this household (seen here and here). I’ve used their services over the past two years when I need someone else’s opinion or a little wardrobe boost. It’s an amazing resource for those who feel like they are in a funk with their personal style or are looking for a little help. Even fashion bloggers get in a rut! My stylist, Blair, has become a good friend and I’m always grateful for her suggestions.

Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes' husband Dave gets a new wardrobe at Trunk Club.Men's styling services at Trunk Club Chicago.The best Father's Day Gift Ideas for husbands and dads. Dave Adams, husband of Liz Adams Sequins & Stripes, shopping at Trunk Club.

Let me tell you a little story about Dave. On our first date he was wearing a navy long sleeve Ralph Lauren polo, bootcut flare jeans and the clunkiest flip flops I’ve ever seen. We have a picture from our date at the Skydeck on the Willis Tower and we always laugh at how far his style has come. I like to think that it is thanks to me. Over the past two years I’ve watched Dave become way more interested in what he wears. He gets excited about new things but never splurges or buys anything for himself (and if he does it is from Kohl’s or Eddie Bauer #dad).

Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes surprises her husband with a trip to Trunk Club Chicago. The best fashion gift ideas to give for Father's Day from Trunk Club. Men's styling services from Trunk Club.Shopping with Dave at Trunk Club Chicago.

As his wife, I tend to buy him the same things – henley t-shirts, plaid button downs, cashmere sweaters – after awhile his closet starts to look the same. When I was thinking about a good gift for Father’s Day I immediately thought of Trunk Club! Knowing that Dave gets excited about new pieces that he likes, I thought it would be fun to get the full experience at the TC Clubhouse in Chicago (he had never been and was so excited) and get a stylist’s opinion. If you haven’t been, you need to go. Here is what you can expect…

When you sign up you’ll fill out a profile that will help your stylist determine what you like, what you don’t like and what will work best for your body type. If you live near one of their 7 clubhouses, you will then schedule an appointment with your stylist to try on some clothes. If you can’t make it to a clubhouse, your stylist can send a trunk of handpicked clothing and accessories straight to your door. There are no subscription fees. It is a completely free service and you only pay for the items you buy! With a trunk, shipping is always free. In my opinion, I feel like Trunk Club’s inventory is more special than what you find in stores. Especially for men as they can customize pieces like sport coats and suits. 

Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes styles her husband Dave at Trunk Club Chicago.Dave Adams dresses for Trunk Club.Summer styles for your guy at Trunk Club. The best fashion gifts to give your husband.The best sport coats for Father's Day from Trunk Club.

Dave and I spent the morning at Trunk Club a few weeks ago (an early Father’s Day treat!) and I think he had a ton of fun trying on and splurging on a few new items. Dave and I both work for ourselves so our work wardrobes are pretty laid back. We went in looking for items that Dave likes to call “snappy casual.” A good sport coat, new denim, stylish sneakers and some classic shirts for spring/summer (items that he can wear for work and play). We both had iced coffees and then moved to a beer at their Clubhouse bar (amazing, right?) while Dave tried on clothes. He is pretty cute if you ask me!

Liz Adams top Chicago fashion blogger and her husband Dave at Trunk Club Chicago. Dave Adams shopping at Trunk Club Chicago.Fresh summer style for your man from Trunk Club. The bar at Trunk Club Chicago clubhouse.Father's Day gift ideas from Trunk Club

If you’re looking for something special for Father’s Day (or the ladies in your life, too!), giving a Trunk Club gift card to someone you love is an amazing gift! Personal style has a huge influence on your confidence and if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, I can’t recommend Trunk Club’s services enough. 

If you have any questions about any of these pieces, feel free to mention this post when you sign up for Trunk Club!


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