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16 Months with Charlie

SATURDAY (1 of 1)Our mischievous, fearless, dramatic and sweet baby boy is 16 months old! I guess I can’t call him a baby anymore as he is officially labeled a toddler (insert crying emoji). Everyone says that time goes fast but it really is sickening. To think that this is how I felt at one month or that Charlie was that tiny!!!!! I wish I could get those days back. But, at the same time everyday is more fun than the day before. He is in full discovery mode and watching him explore the world is the best

At his 15th month appointment he weighed 20lbs 14ozs and is in the 10th percentile for weight at 19th percentile for height (he is a peanut). He got his two bottom teeth at 10 months old and just now his top two teeth are finally coming in! He has been super crabby and I’m ready to have my happy baby back (but then the rest of his teeth will come in so basically I’m anticipating the “teething” stage to last for the next year).

Charlie loves: saying “uh oh,” clapping for himself, eating everything in site, his blankie, Webster, running to Dave when he gets home at night, reading books (especially the Little Blue Truck series), smoothies, Sesame Street and his mama.

Charlie does not love: getting his diaper changed, when you tell him “no,” his car seat, wearing shoes, the stroller and teething.

His favorite activities include his Monday morning My Gym classes, Tunes with Tim at Monica + Andy, trips to the Nature Museum, walking Webster around North Pond, riding his Thomas train, grabbing smoothies at Real Good Juice, dancing to music from the record player, jumping on the bed and reading books together (my favorite).

Charlie eats everything but here is a typical day…Breakfast: an egg with cheese or peanut butter toast, raspberries and yogurt. Lunch: avocado, mac and cheese or grilled cheese or pb&j and fruit. Dinner: turkey meatballs or chicken dumplings, Dr. Praegers broccoli bites or spinach cakes, frozen peas and some fruit. Snacks: Cliff Z Bars, oranges, string cheese, Pirate’s Booty or applesauce pouches.

Our most used baby products at 16 months: 

  • After replacing our Motorola monitor three times, we purchased this Infact Optics baby monitor and it has worked perfectly. Clear picture, great sound, displays temperature, holds battery and is a great price! 
  • OXO Tot High Chair. I get so many questions about this chair and let me just say WE LOVE IT. It also comes in 30 colors!
  • Donkey Weekender Stroller (seen here). Our favorite stroller by far! Smooth ride, stylish and holds everything. It is ideal when I’m running to the grocery store and have to carry a few bags home. We keep it at the bottom of our apartment building because it is by far our most used. Our on the go stroller is the City Mini GT which we also love. Great for travel!
  • Dohm Sound Machine. This literally stays on 24/7 in our house. We never turn it off. Mostly because we don’t notice it at this point but also it is Charlie’s saving grace when it comes to sleep. He hasn’t gone one day without it since he was born. 
  • Drop Cool Mist Humidifier. A life saver in the winter months. Our apartment gets really dry and this makes sure Charlie sleeps well, especially when he gets a cold. This runs almost every night he sleeps during the winter months. 
  • I had a hard time transitioning Charlie from the bottle. I took a friend’s recommendation and tried the Nuk Active Cup and he dropped the bottle in one day! Charlie takes 6oz’s of milk, 3 times per day – when he wakes up, before his nap and before bed. This is what we use and love for now! He uses this straw cup for water throughout the day. 
  • Dave and I take Charlie out to eat at least once a week and I am so thankful for this silicone placement. Mainly because he is a terror and likes to throw all of his food on the ground for Webster. We also use this lobster chair at almost every restaurant because Charlie can wiggle out of the wooden chairs. 

A few of Charlie’s favorites toys include this tunnel, this train (he wants to ride it all day), this puzzle, this drum, this band in a box and these books

Charlie wears clothes from Zara, Rosie Pope, Nordstrom, Old Navy (who currently has 40% off EVERYTHING for kids and baby), Roberta Roller Rabbit (pajamas) and Gap Kids. I’m always on the hunt for cute baby brands for boys so if you have a favorite send them my way!

If there is anything I didn’t answer please feel free to leave a question in the comments and I’ll answer it there! 

PS: You can check out Charlie’s nursery here with links to everything in his room!


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  1. Beau is 17 months and same percentile! He’s at least finally climbing in height to 25th percentile! Curious- when you guys traveled to Charleston did you bring the City Mini? We are heading to Scottsdale in few weeks and we have the City Mini we keep in the car for stuff around here and I picked up an umbrella stroller but it seems soo flimsy. I’m thinking just hate check the City Mini.

  2. Liz, I never comment on blog postings but I just have to say how much I appreciate what you’re doing with Sequins & Stripes. I just had a son 6 months ago, and I just can’t relate to so many of the bloggers out there anymore that I used to follow. Your content is super relevant, relatable and most of all, real. Not only do I find great tips and product recommendations for myself, baby and husband, but I also find a lot of comfort in knowing I’m not alone as I navigate these early months as a brand-new mom. THANK you. Please keep it up – all of it.

  3. Love this post! I don’t even have a baby/toddler yet, but I want to favorite this page for when I do. So helpful. P.s. Charlie adorable. I’ve loved following as you learn and talk about motherhood. Thank you!

  4. Check out Tea for unique boy clothes – the quality is excellent! Crew Cuts has cute tops and the sizing runs small.

  5. Liz, I love these posts about what you do and use with Charlie! I have an almost 5 month little girl and these have been so helpful for me to look forward to what I might need! Plus, Charlie is such a sweet little boy and I love hearing about him!

  6. I am due in June with a boy–our first! This post was so great and I always appreciate your candor when it comes to mom-ing. You’re a great mama to Charlie! Keep it up!! Question: I’ve been looking at the Motorola monitors (just this week actually) but it sounds like you had problems with them. Do you mind sharing your experience?? Thanks!

    1. Congrats! The Motorola monitor was constantly freezing, would not let you press the buttons to navigate the screen – overall it was just a very poor experience. I highly recommend the other one I linked!

      1. I’ve had similar experiences with the Motorola monitors. While mine hasn’t completely broken yet, it does freeze ALL the time, and I sometimes can’t press the buttons to navigate either. I’ve fixed this by unplugging the camera part for 10 seconds and plugging it back it. It is just a temporary fix though as this does happen often, and if the baby is sleeping while this happens, I don’t want to go in his room for fear of waking him! Such a bummer for such an expensive monitor.

  7. He’s such a cutie!

    I was getting sentimental because my second just turned one & as I don’t plan on a third I was getting mushy for those earlier baby months. My good friend just had her second in December & talking with her about lack of sleep, colic, & all that fun stuff- never mind! You black out the hard times & tend to only remember the snuggles!

  8. Charlie is the sweetest!!!!! I just love these updates!! My son Brody is 13 months so I love hearing what Charlie is into to give me some ideas for Brody. He loves the Little Blue Truck series too and he scarfs down those Dr. Praeger’s bites! Tea Collection has great quality clothing and such cute designs/patterns. will sometimes have sales!. I am always looking for new PJs for Brody – do you use any other brands besides Roberta Roller Rabbit?

  9. Love the Dohm sound machine and the Drop humidifier (especially with a few drops of vicks when he is particularly stuffy)! Our sound machine is always on as well for my 5 month old son. Curious, was there a particular brand of foods you used when Charlie was first eating solids? Thanks!

  10. Great post, Liz! Thank you for sharing all of your great tips and gear suggestions! Is Charlie down to one nap? If so, what time does he go down? we have to switch to a cup and so far not having luck- going to try the nuk! Have a great day!!

    1. Yes Charlie takes one nap and sleeps from 11:30-2ish. He started dropping his afternoon nap (basically just staying awake in his crib for an hour) around 13 months so I decided it was best to push his morning one up. It works well for us! Some days he is still tired early and would ideally love to nap around 10am but I keep him up. Good luck!

  11. Just a heads up I found new Dr. Prager’s at Whole Foods this past weekend (the things you get excited about as a Mom)… I got Kale Littles, Sweet Potato Littles and Carrot Tots!

    Katie @ Live Half Full

  12. I love Janie and Jack for my boys. Bonus is that they’re at the outlets in aurora. Notebaert was always a favorite of ours when we could walk from our old house.

  13. We also had an issue with our Motorola (the battery power sucked and the charger would never stay in) and finally replaced it recently with the Infant Optics — what a huge difference!

    I would love to know how you got Charlie to drink smoothies. Are there any particular recipes that you use? I would like my 20 month old to drink them (she only drinks milk and water — no juice yet), but haven’t quite gotten her there yet.