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6 Months with Charlie

6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with Charlie6 month baby update with CharlieYesterday marked 6 months with Charlie. How did that happen? Oh my gosh do I love this little boy.

I was reflecting on the motherhood posts I wrote here, here and here and how hard it was in the beginning adjusting to life as a new mom. Thinking I was prepared but then feeling completely out of control. The past six months have been the most amazing, the hardest, the most rewarding, the most physically, emotionally and mentally challenging and the most magical months of my life. I look at life in a different way since becoming a mom and I feel so blessed that he is mine. If anything makes you take a step back and declutter any negativity from your life, it is a child. They are pure magic. Here is what happened those first 6 months…

The first couple of months were tough. I mentioned before that I had a hard time letting go of the things I couldn’t control (which was everything) and it was an adjustment to completely give in to this tiny human. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade those really difficult days for the world and sometimes even wish I could relive them because I’ll never get those “first time mom moments” back. For those of you going through it now or who are about to become first time parents, know that the exhaustion will subside, day by day you figure each other out and eventually you don’t feel like a new mom anymore. I still have a really hard time balancing working full time and being a mom full time. My mom babysits one day a week and I’m currently looking for a nanny 1-2 days a week so I can get back on track with things. One day at a time!

At around three months we noticed that Charlie seemed pretty uncomfortable after his feedings (I was still nursing full time). He would arch his back in pain and spit up almost all of my milk. I didn’t know what to think because he loved to be nursed, he never got frustrated but the outcome after nursing was never good. At his 4 month doctors appointment the spit up and obvious pain hadn’t gotten better and sure enough he barely gained any weight between 3 and 4 months. His charts had significantly decreased and they called it “failure to thrive” which I assure you is the worst thing you will ever hear as a new mother feeding her child. Charlie was diagnosed with acid reflux, put on medication and the doctor recommended that we supplement with formula (Enfamil AR). I went from nursing him 6-8 times per day to pumping and maybe physically feeding him once a day. It was really hard but within a week he was a new baby. With breastfeeding, as great as pumping can be it definitely doesn’t have the same reaction compared to directly feeding your baby. The let down wasn’t the same so my milk started to dry up and I was an emotional wreck. The hormone drop was worse than after delivering Charlie (I mentioned this here) and I had a really hard time letting go. However, I will say that knowing the exact amount of ounces Charlie was receiving each feeding was a big game changer for his mood, his sleep schedule and general happiness. After two weeks, I moved to two full nursings a day and the rest of the time he was bottle fed (for about a month) and finally, the week before we left for vacation, I breastfed him for the last time. In the end, I feel like I have a bit of myself back and Charlie is fat and happy which is good for both of us. Charlie is still on medication for his acid reflux which makes a world of difference. He still spits up but definitely not as often or as much.

Charlie has been consistently sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks now with no feedings from 7pm-6:30am. We usually give him a few more ounces of formula before bed to hold him over until the morning. He also started eating solids two weeks ago after we noticed that every time we put a fork to our mouths he would be opening his mouth. We decided to give it a try and he is a CHAMP. He loves green beans, sweet potatoes and butternut squash so far. I think that this has also helped with his sleeping.

Charlie loves music, dancing in the mirror, being tickled, hearing us laugh, going on walks, standing up, hearing his name and Webster. Charlie does not love to roll over, he gets frustrated during tummy time and just collapses to the floor rather than pushing himself out of it, he doesn’t like to hear the word “no” and has some separation anxiety. He has also learned how to completely manipulate me with his dramatic cries and quick smiles once I react. He has me wrapped around his finger so tightly; I’m in trouble.

If I’ve realized anything as a new mom it is to take advantage of the products that can make your job a little easier. I can’t be there for him 100% of the time but I never want him to feel like I don’t want to be. When I do have to sit down and get some work done, I want to make sure that Charlie is playing and learning at the same time. Charlie loves his Fisher Price Bandstand Play Gym and it is the only thing that will distract him and motivate him while I check a few emails. I love that the Bandstand plays music that is initiated by your child’s movement. Charlie gets so excited when he realizes that his hand made a drum noise or that his little feet started a new song. It doesn’t feel like just another play mat, it gets him thinking and moving and I don’t feel as guilty when I am not able to directly interact with him.

My friend’s at Fisher Price want to help make it easier for new mom’s, too! We are giving away one Fisher Price Bandstand Play Gym to one lucky reader. To enter, leave a comment telling me about yourself and life as a new mom. Have you experienced similar challenges? What stage are you in? Etc. I’d love to hear!

A winner will be announced on my Facebook page on Friday, April 1. Good luck and thanks so much for entering!

Charlie’s outfit is from Colman + Lucia. I’m wearing this top.

In collaboration with Fisher Price.

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  1. I am just a few weeks behind you in the new mom department. I completely agree with the sentiment that it is the most exhausting and rewarding experience. I look at many friends who are due soon with their firsts and too already feel nostalgic about those early days when everything was so new!

  2. I have a 2 year old and baby on the way due in May! I couldn’t agree more that you need anything that will make your life easier! This time around, I plan on preparing some frozen meals and setting up some cleaning services for the first couple months to make life easier and help with the adjustment of bringing a new baby home!

  3. Love reading your blog, Liz! It has really helped prepare me for each step and milestone of motherhood! My little gal is one month today and I went back and read your one month update and it is SO spot on! It’s nice having someone a few months a head so I can read about all the things to look forward to (and the things I should enjoy while she’s tiny!)

  4. My baby girl is just hitting the 4 month mark. Adjusting to motherhood was hard and I cried so much in the first few weeks feeling unsure of what was best for my baby. I now love it more than anything and would spend all my time with her if money wasn’t an object. Motherhood is the most amazing job!

  5. My 3rd baby (I have 2 year old boy/girl twins) is 3 weeks old today and my time with him is a whole different experience. I felt so stressed with the twins since taking care of 2 babies at once is a lot to handle and since they were my first, I didn’t really know what I was doing. With my newborn son, I am able to enjoy this time with him since I’m a more “seasoned” mom and I’m a lot more relaxed.
    Being a mom is never easy but it is important to savor the good and the tough times because the days are long but the years are short.

  6. Hi! I’m a mother to three beautiful kiddos. Ezra will be 4 in May, Isaiah is 2 and Evelyn is 17 weeks. My life is incredibly busy! I love my kids and I find it difficult to balance all three with equal mommy time. My challenge with her has been that as long as I’m nursing, I can’t have dairy because she is intolerant! It limits some easy meals for my family! I think my little Evie would love the bandstand gym because she doesn’t have any thing like that and she will be getting to the age where she needs that kind of stimulation! 🙂 p.s. I love your honesty here and wish I would have found a post like this with my first!

  7. New mom of almost 4 week baby girl. The job is harder than I ever could’ve imagined. Tired all the time, while trying to juggle more than I ever had. People made it seem like maternity leave would be like vacation… Going to work everyday would be more of a vacation. Thank you for your honest posts that help me and other moms realize what we are going through is normal.

  8. Liz! Thank you for your posts about Charlie and life as a mom. I love reading them because you put everything in perspective and it’s comforting to read others experiences. As a new mom, I can certainly agree that this is the most difficult, yet most wonderful life experience. I definitely also agree that surrendering yourself to a tiny person who depends completely on you is probably the most difficult aspect. It’s so hard to give up control of everything, even those things I can’t control. I have to always remind myself that there is no such thing as a schedule with a newborn. But I’m glad to hear that you’re having such a positive experience with Charlie, and your posts are always so uplifting for me. Thanks for the encouragement! xoxo

  9. My daughter is 4 weeks old and I can relate to so many of your posts from the newborn phase. It’s so encouraging to hear things do get easier from other first time moms!

  10. My baby girl is 3 months and currently still just solely breastfeeding although we have had thrush about 6 times which makes wanting to continue breastfeeding a daily battle but I just keep praying for healing and pushing through the pain! She is my 4th and This is the longest I have ever been able to breastfeed so in my head I have surpassed my goal but hoping because of cost I can keep going longer 🙂

  11. I’m expecting my first baby in July and I find myself bookmarking all your posts to refer to later because they are so helpful and honest! I especially have loved the milestone posts with references to products you’ve found you need along the way – has definitely helped with the registering process 🙂 I’m so nervous about the months to come but reading all these wonderful updates has made me so excited for him to finally be here!

  12. My husband and I are about to have our first baby in May – a little girl! I love reading about your life as a new mom because it gives me somewhat of an idea of what to expect. Keep posting and thanks for all the honesty – it really helps!

  13. I love love reading your mom posts and can totally relate. My little one is about a month younger than Charlie and I love getting a “preview” of what is about to come! I totally agree that those first few months are AHHHH sometimes (My little guy was also Colicky which added another challenge) but then suddenly one day it gets SOOO much easier and you feel like you get the hang of everything day by day 🙂 I cried a little reading how you feel about being a mom because it is SPOT on ! It is totally magical and loving and making our little ones happy is #1 all the time! Thanks for being a mommy inspiration 🙂

  14. Hi Liz! I’ve really loved following along your road to motherhood – thank you for all the honest posts. We’re expecting our first baby (a BOY!) in June and reading your posts have been really helpful from the maternity outfits, baby products, nursery layout, and “real talk” postpartum feelings. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi there! Our little Henry is five months this weekend. Everything you write about certainly hits home for me as a first time mom. Love reading about Charlie to get s little glimps of what’s to come!

  16. I’m due with our first in the Fall and it’s been great reading all your posts and preparing myself for what’s ahead. I really appreciate your honesty and not making everything seem rosy all the time, and that you’re trying to balance working from home full-time with a baby!

  17. Hi Liz!

    I’m a first time mom to a little guy who will be 4 months on Saturday! We live in Chicago and I transitioned from being a children’s librarian to a SAHM after he was born. It’s been fun to read your mom posts a couple of months before we go through that stage! My little guy , Theo, has rolled over a couple of times and loves to play! He’s getting better with his hands every day. He loves music too so this activity mat would be so fun for him! Charlie’s adorable! These are lovely photos!

  18. I am a first time mom as well! My little guy was born in October. Our experiences are very similar! We are still breastfeeding but I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with pumping three times a day at work while my son is in daycare. I’ve also had the embarassing leak when I couldn’t get out of a meeting in time! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. The newborn stage went by so quickly and now, while it is so fun to watch him discover new skills literally every single day, I wish I would have not been so tired/stressed/paranoid/anxious and soaked up every moment of those first few weeks. We always want our babies to be older, to hit all their milestones, but time goes by all too quickly!

    Charlie is so adorable! Love following your updates!

  19. I am four months pregnant and raising my fiance’s three year old with him. I agree that it is equally the hardest and most rewarding thing!

  20. New mom of a 3 month old girl! hardest part is adapting and figuring out her ever changing feeding habits! The highs and lows are SO real, but SO worth it!

  21. Hi There!

    Time flies so fast!! What a sweetie Charlie is. Rowe (our first baby) is almost 4 months and we are loving every second — most exhausting fun you will ever have!! :)We had the very same experience with acid re-flux… Baby Zantac saved us all! We also have similar issues with tummy time, and as a first time mom I am so worried that he will never roll over……… Maybe a play mat like this will help 😉

    Keep it up, girl! To hear such candid experiences is very comforting to new moms. Too many people try to have the perfect experience, and motherhood and anything BUT perfect.

  22. I have a two year old and a 7 week old. I went thru lot of the same experiences as you. I work from home full time and have both of my children with me. Letting go of the things I couldn’t control and doing the same things on my time was my biggest adjustment. Now, I’m on my kids schedule and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have to constantly tell myself they are only little for a little while!! Good luck my dear, loved reading your blog!

  23. While I’m not a new mom yet (I’m due in 5 months) I’ve enjoyed following your journey and your honesty as I’m not far behind you in the baby department!

  24. Hi Liz,
    I have loved all of your me mommy posts so much! Just as you had Charlie, I found out that I was pregnant with a baby boy! I know being a new mom + first time mom will be anything but a walk in the park for the first few months! Hearing your story gives me motivation and hope for what is to come!!! It sounds like you and Charlie are doing wonderful! The fisher price play mate seems like a FUN toy to enhance baby’s development and senses! Thanks for sharing!

    Xo Dani

  25. I love that you are so authentic with how challenging motherhood is. I have been very open and honest as well and my readers have really responded to that. I unfortunately suffered from really bad PPD and PPA, but have thankfully recovered. I am just like you though, I would do anything to relive some of newborn moments again. I can’t believe how quickly they grow! My son is 15 months now!!! I absolutely adore these photos. Best wishes with his acid reflux. I know that must have been so hard to go through!

  26. love the pictures!! charlie is so adorable! glad to hear motherhood is improving. it’s great to hear your honest opinions on how it has changed you.

    today marks 2 months of me being a mom! it is definitely exhausting and pretty much all consuming but i wouldn’t trade it for the world. like they say, the days are long but the years (in our case months so far) are short. still dealing with sleep deprivation and breastfeeding and working on getting baby on a schedule but she’s growing so quickly and learning so much. it’s truly such a blessing and i’m so in love!

  27. My little guy is just four months! It’s crazy how quickly time goes by. The roughest transition for me was going back to work and hiring a caregiver. I struggled with letting go of being his primary caregiver (aside from my husband). But the nanny is great and it’s good for us to get time apart. 🙂

  28. I’m a new Mom to Beckett (5 weeks) and I’ve loved your posts from pregnancy and style … Which were so helpful and to your new mom posts. It’s so helpful to read about others going through similar things that I am! Thank you!!

  29. I have loved reading your blog! I love how real and open you are about motherhood. My little one will be 4 months old here come April 1st he hates tummy time as well. A couple of weeks ago he did roll over but since then seems to care less about it. I also can completely relate to each milestone you post. Currently my little one has been pretty irritable he had one tooth pop through a week ago and this week has another coming through. Every time I put him down he cries and as soon as I pick him up he smiles I think this has a lot to do with teething though. However, I’m in trouble for when I do go back to work which won’t be for two more months. No matter how exhausted I am or how many baskets of laundry need to be folded I love being a mother and could not imagine my life without my son.

  30. What wonderful photos! Charlie looks like such a sweet little man! We’re right behind you with our first child –also a boy– born on October 17 of last year. Harrison’s reflux was diagnosed early, and like you it made a big difference to have meds — now he’s just a happy spitter. We suffered through colic from 6 to 12 weeks along with inconsistent sleep and eating schedules. I didn’t think I would make it through that phase. Fast forward and H started rolling last weekend and has been smiling and log rolling all over the place. He’s in daycare fulltime while I work fulltime, so I’ve been pumping twice a day. When you wrote “I breastfed him for the last time” I almost burst into tears. We’ll start solids soon and I’m starting to think about weaning. He still wakes 2 times at night, so I’m nursing him 2-3 times a day, and I think I’ll miss it. Congratulations on such a healthy and happy child!

  31. I love reading your Charlie updates! My husband and I are pregnant with our first, due in August, and could not be more excited! Your guides have really helped me put together our registry so keep the suggestions coming!!

    It would be great to see a post about Charlie and Webster too. Having two fur-babies that weigh in around 215lbs. total, are main point of anxiety is that our first babies will be as excited about this little human one as we are 🙂

  32. i won’t be an official mom until August 20 (expected due date), but i’m so ready to meet our little boy! i already am facing challenges of being a mom and he’s not even here! i love reading about you and your son! they are such sweet posts!!

  33. I’m expecting in late August and I gobble up all of your ‘life with Charlie’ posts. I know there is MUCH ahead for me to experience (the highs and lows) – but I’m ready and cannot wait. Thanks for your candidness and keeping us in the loop during this special time.

  34. I have 23 month old and am expecting twins any day now. I completely agree that everything changes when you become a mom. 100% agree about cutting negativity from your life…time is more precious so why bother!

  35. I’m a first time mommy to a beautiful 5 week old baby girl! I can really relate to the challenges you experienced and can’t wait until Gracie is sleeping like Charlie 🙂

  36. Thanks for this post– and for all your honesty! I’m a month away from my due date with my first and need all the advice I can soak up before then!

  37. Just love reading your blog! Charlie is such a cutie! My little one is almost 9 months old (I can’t believe it!) and I remember feeling so overwhelmed at the beginning. But, I have become more confident as a first time mom and have enjoyed every moment. It is amazing how much love you can have for your own child.

  38. First off, I adore your blog!!! I’ve been following you for years and I would love to win the Fisher Price giveaway for my best friend who is 12 weeks pregnant. I first showed her your blog on our trip to Chicago this past summer (July 2015) and it would be such a sweet way to commemorate our trip and celebrate her upcoming motherhood adventures! Cheers from Texas!! xo

  39. Hey girl! Love your blog!! I’m 12 weeks pregnant today and can’t wait to experience the joys a motherhood!

  40. You seem like a great mommy! I think you should read your posts for mistakes – I have noticed a lot lately (i.e. : “which I assure you is the worst thing you will ever here as a new mother feeding her child”.)

  41. Hi there! My little Syd is 4 months old and we live in Lincoln Park too! Right now he’s loving tummy time, music class and his fisher price mobile! It plays music and does a light show, so cool. Will definitely be looking into this new play mat!

  42. Hi Liz!
    I’ve been following your blog (almost) from the very beginning. I was pregnant when you announced your little Charlie was on the way, and my Michael is about 1 month older than him. You have really inspired me and it’s been great to see your posts with Charlie, all our milestones with our babies seem to pretty much line up! I also really appreciate your honesty in your posts and instagrams. It’s great to know I’m not alone! Motherhood (especially the first few months) has been the HARDEST but most BEAUTIFUL times in my life. I am looking forward to seeing Charlie grow and how you are balancing life and work!

  43. Hi there! My little Syd is 4 months old and we live in Lincoln Park too! Right now he’s loving tummy time, music class and his fisher price mobile! It plays music and does a light show, so cool. Will definitely be looking into this new play mat! For me, Ive been lucky enough to spend the past 19 weeks at home, but went back to work full time this past Monday. Taking it one day at a time, just like you.

  44. I really enjoyed reading your pregnancy journey and your updates on Charlie and being a first time mom! I had my first baby, a boy, in December and can certainly relate to many of your feelings, especially losing control of everything! I appreciate your honesty, and it helps to know I’m not the only one feeling like this. I love reading your thoughts on toys/clothes too! I’ve definitely purchased a few of your recommendations including the old me one-pieces 🙂

  45. Happy 6 months Charlie!!
    We are just 2 months behind you and I love reading your posts! Emma and I are learning each day and enjoy stroller walks, music, and visiting friends. We are currently looking for the next step toys given we just hit 4 months.
    All our best!!

  46. I am a mom of two, a two year old and an 8 month old. My 8 month old is starting to crawl and will find a way to get to anything she wants to get her hands on! We just started feeding her some solids- she loves scrambled eggs! But really who am I kidding, because she loves anything she can feed herself! There’s something so cute about watching her chew this “new” food. Enjoy every minute! It only gets better. 🙂

  47. I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old. It is so challenging in the beginning (you forget this by the time you’re ready to try for #2). We are still trying to get on a schedule because I go back to work in a few weeks. 🙁 And it is an extra challenge with a toddler running around but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  48. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. My baby is currently 7 months and I can relate to so much of what you mentioned. My biggest challenge right now is getting him to sleep through the night. We “attempted” baby wise from the very beginning and that worked for a couple of weeks, then he got colic for about 2-3 weeks. At three months we put him in the Merlin Magic sleepsuit and he was only waking up once in the night. Then at 4 months he went through a sleep regression where he would wake every 2 hours!! He’s back to waking up once (around 4-5ish), but still not sleeping 11-12 hours straight as he should. He slept the entire night once a few weeks ago, and it was MAGICAL!
    P.S. What method did you use for sleep training?

  49. I loved reading your post! As a new mom, I can definitely relate to a lot of those feelings and situations.
    My baby boy, Andrew, is almost 6 weeks old and it’s been the craziest, most amazing journey in such a short time!! Becoming a mom has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my life and even though at times I’ve felt incredibly frustrated and disheartened, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    Letting myself lose control has also been a huge thing for me!! Andrew has taught me to be more patient and that it’s okay to let go a little and not have everything under control all the time. He’s taught me to worry less about keeping the house impeccably clean and enjoy the little moments with him more.
    We’ve had our (very tough) struggles with breastfeeding but have been able to push through with a lot of patience on his side, and a lot of perseverance (and tears!) from mine. Nothing, not even reading countless books, prepared me for how tough breastfeeding was. I ran into all sorts of issues that caused me to be in a lot of pain for the first weeks and I ended up having to use nipple shields to breastfeed Andrew. It was still painful but I was absolutely determined to breastfeed, so we pushed through and have continued to do so. It’s been very tough both physically and emotionally (it was awful to feel like my body wasn’t adequate enough to feed my baby without the nipple shields), but with a lot of determination, patience and a great support system we’ve come a long way !!
    Thank you for being so honest in your posts and for sharing your feelings, struggles and victories with us! It’s so refreshing and personally, I’ve found your posts to be helpful and a lot of times they’ve made me feel better when I was feeling down.
    Sorry for the long comment haha!

  50. I cannot believe Charlie is already 6 months!! I started reading your blog while you were still pregnant with him, and it has been so fun to follow along. I have enjoyed watching him grow along with your growth as a mother. I am still young, only 22, but I love reading this – it makes me look forward to what is to come!! Thank you for sharing, you have a beautiful family!

  51. These are my favorite posts! Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your life with Charlie — he is such a cutie <3

  52. Liz, I love your motherhood posts. I have an 8 week old son and I relate so strongly to your posts on early motherhood and how tough it really is. I love my little guy so much, but man was it tough to let go of my expectations and learn to enjoy the ride. Not sleeping doesn’t really help either! I appreciate your candor so, so much.

  53. I am due in 5 weeks and am sooo excited but also nervous as I don’t know what to expect at all. I think I know, but I hear from moms that you don’t really know until you experience it. I have loved that you’ve shared your journey with your readers!

  54. I’m exhausted! That is literally all I can muster up, but love my little lady and love your blogs about Charlie.

  55. I’m a grandmother and love babies even more the older I get. I have one grandson who is so fun to watch grow up…so I’m a bit partial to boys in blue:)

  56. I feel like we are side by side in this wild game of motherhood as every post resonates so much with me! We are still nursing but finding we have had to supplement more with formula and it’s such an emotional roller coaster only other mothers can understand. After I reached out to you via snapchat for help with packing for our 7 month old for a vacation to the Dominican Republic (thank you for he multiple blanket advice! So necessary!!) we got to our location and Beau ended up spiking a 104 fever. After a few trips to the infirmary and a week of mommy also not feeling well, I feel like nursing supply tanked even more. After getting back to NY we spent Easter Sunday at the pediatrician’s office (thank you for Sunday holiday hours!?) and both the babe and I had the flu! So needless to say my first vacation with my little man had some highlights but posed it’s challenges to say the least! Keep on rockin Momma! Your doing awesome and love reading about all the Motherhood updates.

  57. Hi Liz!
    I’ve been following your journey as a new mom with Charlie since you announced your pregnancy, and have loved your candid posts and advice around motherhood. I just gave birth to my first born, (a boy!) on Monday, and I’m still in awe of how much my life has changed in a matter of days. We just got home from the hospital yesterday, making last night our first night at home with our son. I knew it would be exhausting but you really don’t know until you’re really in it. The past couple of days have been amazing and so emotional. I’ve loved looking back on your posts about Charlie, they are really helpful and also have me so excited about having a little boy of my own! Thanks for sharing your journey with me!

  58. I’m expecting my first on 5/6/16 and can’t wait to meet him! I know it will be exhausting and life changing, but I’m so excited to become a mom!

  59. I am a new mom of an almost 3 week old as well as a long time blog follower. I can’t tell you how many times i have re-read your posts on motherhood in the last few weeks. I appreciate your honest accounts and they have really helped me feel that I am not alone in my frustrations, even though these last few weeks have been so amazing and rewarding. no one discusses how hard it is to be a mom, and to breastfeed, and to be sleep deprived, and have insecurities about one’s ability to be a mom, etc and your posts have been very therapeutic for me in that regard. Charlie is a handsome boy and i look forward to your future motherhood posts!

  60. I am a stay at home mom currently. I had my daughter Alayna in January. She just turned 3 months old April 18th and makes us smile everyday. This last 3 months have been a challenge. Some days are better then others where the others she has bad gas and tummy upset after eating. Within the last month she has started to spit up more but nothing very concerning yet. She is the joy of my day. I also have 2 sons but they are older so everything I am going through with my daughter is different from them. She would love this playmay. She enjoys music and when it plays I say she “dances” with her kicks and baby squirms.

  61. I’m a first time mom! I have a 3 week old daughter how loves her kick n play and tummy time play mat! I’m always looking for new toys to get that are learning and interactive and this sounds like a fun and great toy! So glad o could read about it on here! Thank you

  62. 6 weeks ago I became a mommy of 2 boys: my toddler and his new baby brother. Life with two is so much different than life with 1. Yes having a new baby is hard, but when you have a toddler running around or screaming for you it makes it a lot harder to attend to the new baby who is also screaming for you in the opposite direction. I never knew it would be this difficult and rewarding at the same time.

  63. We have been struggling with feeding issues as well. My 5 week old had to spend 3 days in the hospital at 2 weeks because she was very jaundice and wasn’t gaining weight (no gain at all for 10 days) and they only let us formula feed in the hospital. So I was pumping every few hours, formula feeding her, and then packaging my milk and putting it in the refrigerator on the person floor. The formula they gave us for her or how often they were making us feed her was making her throw up. She is finally gaining (slowly) now. She is totally opposite of how my 3 year old was as a baby – he was huge and eating more then he needed.

  64. I have a 17 day old and am feeling the frustration/exhaustion that comes with it at times! I’m glad to hear you say it gets better!

  65. I had a similar problem…my newborn at 7 weeks was only a few ounces over his birth weight. It turns out that he had both a tongue and lip tie that somehow went unnoticed at the hospital or his pediatrician appointments, so we got that clipped and I am pumping and bottle feeding him to catch him up on weight. We’re going to have to see a speech pathologist for help retraining him to nurse properly now that his tongue and lip have more mobility. I’m hoping this works because he still wants to nurse and be held by me constantly even with the bottles which makes pumping for him hard. He just hit two months yesterday and is getting more interested in looking at things, something like this play gym might do him (and me) some good.