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My Christmas List

liz adams' christmas wishlistI’m really not asking for anything for Christmas this year but if I HAD to assemble a little wish list to send up to Santa, here is what I would ask for…

A pretty pair of gloves that I won’t lose (every winter I seem to misplace all of my gloves). A chic little black dress. A cozy Patagonia fleece (I’m addicted). Classic duck boots. A new lap top case. A chic faux fur scarf. A new curling iron.  A wallet I’ll have forever because mine is falling apart. A travel cosmetic case for upcoming trips. Fabulous feminine flats (how amazing is this glitter pair?). And some new undies because I always seem to slack on buying them for myself.

In addition to giving gifts to my loved ones, there are so many amazing ways to give back during the holidays. Since having Charlie, my heart has tripled in size and I want to make sure everyone has the ability to celebrate this season with their loved ones. With the world in the shape that it is, it is hard to think of material objects. I have to remind myself that these gifts are symbols of appreciation and love for my family and friends but there are so many other ways to can contribute to the lives of those that aren’t as fortunate. Here is a list of great ways to give back in Chicago.

Prada Wallet  //  Self Portrait Dress  //  Hanky Panky Thong Set  //  Holst + Lee Necklace  //  Jimmy Choo Flats  //  Curling Iron  //  UGG Leather Gloves  //  Diptyque Candle Set  //  Hershel Laptop Sleeve  //  Illesteva Mirror Sunglasses  //  J.Crew Faux Fur Scarf  //  Sperry Leather Duck Boots  //  Patagonia Fleece  //  Rifle Paper Co. Cosmetic Case