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Monica + Andy

Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-7Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-1 Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-2Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-4 Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-5Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-10 Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-6Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-9Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-11 Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-12 Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-13 Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-14 Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-15Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-8Monica-and-Andy-in-Chicago-3In the last 3 months of so, I have had 8 friends get pregnant/have babies. It all of a sudden felt like our childhood chapters have finally closed and we are entering a whole new world of babies and mommies and whoa. I realized that I am absolutely clueless when it comes to baby products. I have no idea what is currently on trend, what kind of fabrics are better for baby, what is safe for the baby – there are so many questions that have to be answered when you’re shopping for a baby! Enter Monica + Andy. I first met Monica Royer only a few months ago after being introduced by a mutual friend. I have to say one of my favorite parts of my job is meeting with other entrepreneurs and Monica was no exception {it’s even better when you become fast friends!}. To say there is passion behind this brand would be an understatement and compared to everything else you see on the market these days, Monica + Andy’s collection has so much thought and detail behind every single piece like it was made just for you.

When it comes to close friends I always want to buy them a little something extra that isn’t on their baby registry. Monica + Andy is just the place to go for that little something special. All of their fabrics are free of lead, phthalates, and flame retardants and they really focus on fabrics that have the maximum comfort, durability and mobility for on-the-go, constantly needing to be changed, and growing babies. One of my favorite items that Monica + Andy features are their hospital boxes, filled with a cozy little outfit and a ‘coming home’ blanket in 5 sweet colors. I love that you can have this shipped to new mommies and babies who are recovering in the hospital rather than your typical flower bouquet. They also have beautiful clothing items for boys and girls who are no longer in need of a swaddle blanket or a little hat for their balled heads. I’m always a sucker for little hair accessories for the baby girls entering our circle of friends and these are too cute to handle.

If you’re like me and struggle to find that perfect gift for the new babies in your life, I highly recommend visiting Monica + Andy’s site. And if you’re in Chicago, their Guide Shop is located on Halsted between Armitage and Dickens in Lincoln Park and is seriously adorable. These photos were shot at their shop and I wanted to take their turquoise velvet sofa home with me. I have been known to run in there a few times a week for last minute gifts for all of the new babies in my life. A few of my favorites? Their blankets {that can be monogrammed}, adorable little onesies, knotted hats, swaddle bundles, and the cutest little leggings.

What I’m wearing: Tibi Skirt  //  J.Crew Sweater  //  SJP Collection Pumps

This post was sponsored by Monica + Andy. All opinions are my own!

Photos by Heather Talbert.