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Zone Zella

Zone-Zella-Nordstrom-4Zone-Zella-Nordstrom-2Zone-Zella-Nordstrom-5Zone-Zella-Nordstrom-6Zone-Zella-Nordstrom-7Zone-Zella-Nordstrom-3Nordstrom-Zone-Zella-1Nordstrom-Zone-Zella-2One of my goals for 2015 was to live a healthier lifestyle – exercise 3-5 times a week, consumer fewer alcoholic drinks throughout the week, cook healthy meals at home, less caffeine, take better care of my skin, and try to drink a gallon of water a day to name a few. After a really busy 2014 I’ve been working on putting less pressure on myself to respond to an email immediately or spend 9 to 5 at my desk, and I’m allowing myself to take a couple of hours a day for me.

Exercise is one of those things that doesn’t take much but always delivers a lot of reward. If I dedicate one hour to myself I immediately feel better about the rest of my day. It’s important for me to wake up and go because the later I go the more likely I am to make an excuse why not to go, plus it always allows me to start the day with a clear mind. One of my biggest motivations to workout is new workout clothes {can anyone else agree?} and I was excited to see Nordstrom’s new Zone Zella pop up shop filled with amazing workout clothing and inspiration for everyone in your family. All of their items have an amazing price point and the fabric is thick and has a good amount of compression – which is important for me! If you’re looking for that extra dose of motivation you can shop the entire Zella collection here. You can also shop my favorite pieces by clicking the images below!

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Zella Inversion Long Sleeve Seamless Tee {comes in so many great colors}  //  Zella Live In Contour Leggings {also loveee these and these!} //  Nike Free Running Shoes

A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponoring this post!