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New Year, New You

LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_004-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_032-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_045-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_054-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_058-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_060-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_066-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_068-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_080-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_103-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_128-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_131-1 LIZ_1.6.15_oldnavy_139-1Winter in Chicago plays a serious role in my motivation to workout. When the weather is warm I can put on my running shoes and go but with freezing temps and shorter days, exercise can feel like a daunting task. A new year always inspires me to be the best version of myself so I’ve been coming up with ways to combat those winter blues and do something good for my body! I talked about my love for TDM on Monday but another huge push in my urge to hit the gym is working out with a friend. It’s always fun to change it up and if they can do it, so can you! I try to workout 3-5 days a week, but there are definitely moments of weakness when I need that extra push. When I have a workout buddy to encourage me to get moving, I’m always game to try new classes, get outside, and get my sweat on.

Last week I met up with my friend Jess, Fashion Editor for The Everygirl, to try a new workout class. We ventured over to Flywheel in Old Town to test out a barre class and after feeling hesitant {read: lazy} to try something new, I left the class feeling strong and ready to tackle the day! I love that barre classes challenge your muscles and leave you feeling empowered all day long. Working out with a friend always inspires me to work harder than when I go alone and that tiny surge of competitiveness is just the push I needed to inspire a new me in 2015! Plus, when you workout with a friend you can always find a way to reward yourselves afterwards. Jess and I wandered over to Real Good Juice Co. {if you haven’t been, go!} and indulged in a yummy smoothie after class. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about that smoothie to get through class!

I’m always inspired when people around me are working hard so if you’re struggling to get your butt in gear, I highly recommend recruiting your best buddies to join you! And if you need more motivation, cute workout clothes always seem to do the trick. I love shopping Old Navy’s Active Collection because their items are amazing quality, have lots of compression {we all want to feel confident in class!}, and come in so many fun colors and prints. Plus, you know you’re always going to find an amazing deal at ON. Your wallet and your body will thank you!


Old Navy ¾ Fleece c/o // Old Navy Active Tank c/o // Old Navy Active Compression Capris c/o // Nike Free Sneakers

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Photos by Heather Talbert