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BaubleBar x Pantene

Pantene_BaubleBar-1Pantene_1Do you ever have those mornings {please tell me you do} when you wake up late, you miss the opportunity to shower, you stare at your medicine cabinet for help and you have approximately 5 minutes to make it look like you put yourself together for whatever it is you have to do? That seems to happen to me a lot in the summer but lately I’ve been working on some fun hairstyles to help me in those high stress moments.

Pantene_BaubleBar_5I’ve teamed up with my friends at Bauble Bar and Pantene to show you an easy braided crown {for any hair length!} to quickly make it appear like you put a lot of effort into getting ready for the day. First of all, I use Pantene’s Dry Shampoo almost daily, regardless of whether I’ve washed my hair or not. It is a great way to add texture to your hair if it is soft {like mine}. I also use clear elastics, bobby pins and this comb to get this hairstyle done super quick! Step by step instructions below…

Pantene_3I start by spraying Pantene’s Dry Shampoo all throughout my hair to add some texture {my hair gets really soft after sleeping on it for a night}. I like to keep this look pretty soft so I use a rough part and divide just the top half of one side of my hair to use in the braid and I use an elastic to keep the bottom half of my hair out of the way.

Pantene_BaubleBar_7I then start french braiding at the top of my hair line until I run out of hair and it just becomes one long braid. You’ll notice my braid is inside out {this is called a dutch braid} and is done by braiding the pieces under each other rather than over each other.

Pantene_BaubleBar_8Easy! Now onto the next side…

Pantene_BaubleBar_9Pantene_BaubleBar_10I now have two braids on each side of my head with the rest of my hair down. At this point I like to run my fingers through the braids and pull them out a bit to give this look a more casual/loose look.

Pantene_2Next I take a bobby pin and secure one braid to the other side of my head starting with the end. I then backtrack and insert bobby pins where necessary. {Note: I have a lot of hair and usually end up using 5-6 bobby pins on each braid}. I do the same thing with the other braid until both braids feel secure. I tuck the ends of each braid under the other braid to hide the elastics.

Pantene_BaubleBar_13  Pantene_BaubleBar_15I then touch up the bottom half of my hair with a few curls here and there. I have a 1 1/4″ curling iron that I wrap my hair around without using the clamp {so I use it more as a coil}.

Pantene_BaubleBar_16 Pantene_BaubleBar_14I finish the look with Pantene’s Flexible Hold Hairspray {the best!} so it doesn’t look too stiff and it continues to loosen up throughout the day. And done! I’m ready to start the day. A little bit of lipstick and a few baubles and I’m out the door. I have tried a ton of hair products {because my hair/scalp is really high maintenance and will lash out if it doesn’t like a product!} and I’ve been really impressed with Pantene’s ability to fight heat and humidity and hold style all day long. Plus, it’s quite the deal!

Pantene_BaubleBar_17 Pantene_BaubleBar_18 Pantene_BaubleBar_19BaubleBar + Pantene have teamed up to offer one lucky winner $1000 to BaubleBar + a year’s worth of Pantene products. Just show off your good hair day (+ baubles) and tag #BBxPantene on instagram! Need inspiration? Browse around here!

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This post is in collaboration with Bauble Bar and Pantene

Photos by Heather Talbert