Living over 9 years ago by Liz Adams

Wedding Jitters

DaveandLizDave and I are 60 days away from our wedding and I am an emotional wreck, you guys. I think it is a combination of exhaustion, constant to-do’s in my head and just complete distraction – like I literally have no idea what is going on. I’ll be at my desk, working away, and then all of a sudden I’ll hear a song and start hysterically crying followed by bizarre/awkward laughter. I also have about 3 dreams a night with some relation to our wedding where I wake up sweating – it is all consuming! I know it stems from excitement and some nerves, but I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that I’m getting married {!!!!}. Our invitations went out last Friday and it finally felt real that all of the planning, all of these huge decisions are slowly becoming linked together and I can finally see exactly what our day is going to look like. Very few people know any sort of detail at all {even Dave is pretty much in the dark!}, so I think my biggest anxiety comes from seeing everyone’s reaction to this special day that I’ve worked so hard at making completely reflective of Dave and myself. We can’t wait!

So brides, did you feel like this before your wedding? Were you a wreck throughout your wedding weekend? I am pretty sure at this rate I’m going to be a mess. Do your nerves subside closer to the day of? That sounds doubtful for me. Any insight would be helpful! I’ve been trying to distract myself with a busy schedule, getting my butt in shape, and organizing everything in my life – Dave thinks I’m nuts.

PS: I may or may not start sharing some sneak peeks of the planning on my instagram, if you care to follow along.

Photos by Tim Tab Studios.