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Follow AlongHappy Friday, friends! I hope you enjoyed your week. I wanted to check in with all of you and see how you’re liking the new site! I know sometimes change can be a weird and an uncomfortable thing, and there is a whole lot of change around here but I really think this new layout is a huge upgrade for S&S! The slider above highlights what is new and noteworthy – whether it is an outfit post, a lifestyle post, or new items from my favorite shops – and as you scroll down you’ll see the newest post as usual. The slider is just a way to reconnect with posts you may have missed and highlight my favorites (:

I also wanted to hear how you keep up with Sequins & Stripes? Do you follow on Bloglovin’? Facebook? Feedly? I personally love Facebook because it pretty much allows for one long feed – I upload all of my new blog posts, instagrams, recent pins, etc. throughout the day so I highly recommend following Sequins & Stripes on Facebook here. If you read S&S on your mobile device, you’ll notice a new layout I am testing out which is similar to Facebook in that it is one long feed of my newest posts and instagrams! Let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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  1. Honestly, I find it to be too busy. There are too many things going on. Usually, I like blogs that are focused, and you can usually grasp what the daily blog is about. Or maybe I am growing out of touch with this blog…you seem to be selling clothes that you at one time vouched for..and the price point is too high for women in their 20’s…we all know you get those clothes for free–so its hard to assume that you would go in and buy that on your own–Without your stylerewards points, or discount deals from retailers…you need to be more raw and relate-able.

  2. Your blog is my absolute favorite, and I will never stop reading! However I do find the new layout to be difficult to understand and clunky to navigate. The slider often shows posts from the past that I have already read. Below that, the first post shown appears to be a few days old as well. Is this a “favorite” post that you’ve selected to stay there? Finally, below those two areas, is the new post for the day. It requires scrolling and sifting through old content to get to what is new. Again, I truly love your blog!! Just do not find the new site very user friendly.

  3. I am a bloglovin’ girl from my Computer – I hate the iPad app! It makes reading all of my favorites super easy! I also try to follow all of my favs on multiple channels so I can keep up with whats new!

    xox – Rachel of Saddle & Suede

  4. Your new site is so easy to navigate! I do wish, though, that the most recent/newest post could be viewed in its entirety without needing to click away from the main page.

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for the past few months, and really love it (especially that you post early… I read your blog and have coffee almost every morning). I have to say, I’m not as crazy about the new format for two reasons: (1) I can’t see the new post without scrolling, and (2) I have to click to see an entire post. But that’s personally preference and the overall look is cute!

  6. As a twenty something new to Chicago I’ve always enjoyed your blog. I’ve read a few interviews where you mention that negative comments get you down and I hope you know that your integrity and class is utterly inspiring. Happy weekend!

  7. ok just took a look at your mobile site…AMAZING, love the mix of blog, shopping, instagram so cute!!