Outfits over 10 years ago by Liz Adams

1 Designer Find, 2 Ways

Liz_R29_1Liz_R29_2Liz_R29_3Liz_R29_4Since working with Refinery 29 and TJ Maxx on the My Stylist site, I have scored some serious TJ finds. When I actually take the time to pull pieces that I like, try everything on, and make 3-4 additional laps around the store, I always end up coming home with pieces that I truly love. Of course, the Runway section of TJ Maxx is usually my favorite place to shop. I love seeing pieces that I coveted in the department stores at a fraction of the original price. For example, this Helmut Lang skirt is such a fun, edgy addition to my closet and I styled it two ways for my newest story with R29MyStylist. For a night out, I paired the skirt with a camo-print silk Joie top, a 10 Crosby leather jacket {both awesome scores from TJ Maxx!}, sexy Zara heels, and a leopard clutch. To make the skirt more appropriate for daytime, I paired it with a baggy chambray shirt and clunky Coach heels {both from TJ’s!} with my favorite Rocco bag keep the look edgy. Such a fun skirt, plus very on-trend. Thanks TJ Maxx!

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Photos by Jennifer Avello for Refinery 29.