Outfits over 11 years ago by Liz Adams

Outfit: His & Hers Style

On Liz:  Equipment Blouse {old but similar}  //  Zara Skirt {old}  //  Aldo Wedges {old}  //  J.Crew Necklace  //  Space 519 Bracelet  //  Hermes Bracelet
Blog readers, meet Dave. He is handsome, hilarious, charismatic, he knows how to fix everything, and his only downfall is that he insisted on wearing athletic socks with his dress shoes {ugh!}. I’ve talked about him here and there but when Nikki wanted to send Dave a couple of dress shirts from Hugh & Crye, I knew that he would do the brand well by modeling them for my readers. Hugh & Crye is a new men’s shirt company based in DC. H&C prides themselves on offering more personalized sizing by approaching fit with two simple variables in mind: the height of your man’s torso and their average build. Dave’s size, for example, was average athletic, a refreshing alternative to small, medium, or large. You can see their fit guide here. I for one think Dave is looking rather studly in his Acadia plaid shirt, but we also loved the Carolina and the High Commissioner. Not only do they sell beautiful shirts, but their pocket squares are probably the most adorable things I have ever seen. Gents, if you’re into that sorta thang then get shopping. And ladies, Hugh & Crye would make a wonderful gift for the men in your life. Depending on how you guys feel about this post, we may have Dave make more cameo’s on S&S. Thoughts?

Photos taken by Anjali Pinto