Shop over 12 years ago by Liz Adams

Printed + Pretty

So by now we all know that I am a fan of a pretty dress. In the summer you will most likely find me gallivanting around Chicago in a printed dress over a pair of shorts or a skirt so I have been on the hunt for dresses that will be useful for the eight weddings I have on the horizon, but also perfect for weekend brunches, the Green City Farmers Market, etc. Let’s meet the high rolling contenders, meaning I stare at these pretty ladies for at least 9 minutes a day…
Beautiful, right? Well clearly I am not a bank and I don’t have the funds to completely justify a purchase like this, even though I would probably get a million wears out of any one of these…I needed some inexpensive alternatives. Enter, ASOS, duh.
Pretty alternatives, no?
So, if you are in the same boat as me, either with lots of funds or zero to spend, take my word and invest in one of these beauties. I like them a lot.