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Cozy for Fall with Marks & Spencer

Shop the look: Marks & Spencer Sweater, Marks & Spencer Crepe Coat

Shop the look: Marks & Spencer Sweater, Marks & Spencer Crepe Coat

Sweater weather is finally here! My favorite temperature is when my outfit gets to consist of a cozy sweater, a comfy pair of jeans, flats and a light coat in case it cools down. If I could have it my way, this look from Marks & Spencer would be on repeat all year long but the start of October always feels extra special because I know cooler days are on the horizon.

I was recently going through my closet and realized a lot of my tried and true favorite sweaters could use a refresh. I’m always the one who stores my sweaters only to find them next year and see that they were a little too loved in seasons past. A good excuse to invest in a few more this year! I was recently introduced to Marks & Spencer and was BLOWN AWAY by their sweaters, the quality, and the price point! So many gorgeous and affordable styles perfect for fall and winter.

I picked up this cozy jumper that has sadly sold out but wanted to share a few more styles that I pulled the trigger on for fall:

You can’t go wrong with this classic cashmere crew that comes in a bunch of pretty colors and is only $121!

My blue sweater also comes in this fun animal print and colorful stripe! I’m thinking about getting the cardigan style 🙂

This fringe pullover looks SO COZY – I bought it for lazy weekends at my family’s lakehouse.

I feel like this sweater style is one that everyone needs for fall.

Is it too soon to get excited about a Christmas sweater??

Clearly, the sweater addiction is real but you can’t beat the price! I was so impressed by the quality! I also ordered this gorgeous crepe coat and couldn’t help get lost in their coat collection. I’m debating between this style and this style for winter—which one is your favorite?

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